Police Spec Lock and Door Bypass Kit

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Method of entry door bypass kit

the ultimate method of entry kit that will pay dividends to have

The bag consists of
• Full adjustable lock snapping kit to include Euro & Oval heads – Cam turner – Allen Key – spare bolts supplied in protective case.
• Door spreading plate for rapid nondestructive entry on upvc doors
• Air bag/wedge- to help spread doors
• Broken cam exctractor with magnetic pick up cam turners
• Mica card (for slipping locks and checking what locks are engaged or not
• Curved mole grips – to remove handles
• Screw driver with posi an flat head tips
• All provided in padded case

Designed by method of entry police officers to there requirements – it is ideal for duty of care warrants where a lesser destructive approach is required to gain entry.

In that being said it is fact that entry can be gained in less then 20 seconds in a lot of circumstances even on composite doors with this kit which enables you to

  • Snap euro and oval locks even with as little as a 5mm show of protruding cylinder with the fully adjustable lock snapper
  • mole grips to remove the handles that are the right sort and have been tried and tested out on warrants to prove there worth
  • door spreading plates ( the original spreadadoor tool) you will be amazed how quickly this tool can open certain popular door types with no damage at all some times instantly


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